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Profile photo of Trisha TackettTrisha Tackett Staff asked 2 years ago

i would like some feedback on different facilities and what your rules are at your Aquatic Center. When do you open to the public? When do you close for the season?  What is your system for staffing for a season? do you have managers, crew leaders etc….can  you give pays for those positions as well? do you allow basketball shorts to be in the water used as swimming trunks?  Do you have issues with slide riders and the height requirements (48 inches)? what system do you use to measure? Any information would be greatly appreciated! 

Profile photo of Terese McAninchTerese McAninch Staff replied 2 years ago

Tons of information to share! We have indoor and outdoor facilities, so I’ll try to cover both. 1. Waterpark (outdoors) is open Memorial Day-Labor Day (weekends only once schools go back in session in August). 2. Indoors open year round (lap pool only during summer season). We have members and public can pay a day pass to use facilities. 3. Waterpark Staffing: Pool Managers(10) -Lifeguards(160) – Waterpark Operations Supervisor (1) 4. We try to enforce the swimsuit only policy, but every summer have trouble. I do not allow basketball shorts indoors and it’s easier to enforce. A colleague uses the terms that all trunks must have a liner to be considered suitable for the pool (but not all swim trunks have it anymore). 5. Always have issues with people understanding th 48in. rule with slides. No exceptions and we have a measuring sign at the top and bottom of the slides and have added a height chart outside the Waterpark for the summer. Seems to have helped b\c people can measure before they even pay. Let me know if you have more questions. Thanks, Terese McAninch